I really enjoyed starting my MA programme especially the introduction to the research module. It was interesting  to learn that practitioner led research is still in its infancy and that previous research was carried out by those without the tacit knowledge of materials and processes e.g. Art Historians, Curators etc. 

Malins et al (1995) argue ‘Critical analysis and debate, and the formulation of theoretical and philosophical frameworks is the responsibility not only of the 'external' critic, historian or theoretician, but essentially the responsibility of the practitioner - the Craftsperson. The informed, intimate perspective of the reflective practitioner leads to a greater degree of insight only possible from experiential, ‘tacit' knowledge. Existing critics (e.g. Greenhalgh, Clark, Rawson, etc.), useful though their perspective are, are not engaged in the practice of Craft. Therefore, practice-led research has an important contribution to make to the development of this critical / theoretical context.’

Having worked in education for most of my career I am familiar with qualitative and quantitive research methods in educational contexts but am looking forward to learning research methodologies in practice based arts. I have started to read Gillian Rose’s book on Visual Methodologies which I hope will give me more of an insight into other arts based research methods.

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