Pecha Kucha

During the first couple of weeks we had to present our initial ideas, sketches and current practice to the group. After positioning our context feedback was given by peers and Peter Castle. Peter's feedback was interesting and helped contextualise my work but also inspired me to move forward with experimentation.

  1. CONTEXT - Geology, Earth, Minerals, Landscape, Topographies etc. My current context is one in which I am familiar, trained as a geologist and having worked in the ceramic industry it is unsurprising that it is a starting point for my context.
  2. PROCESS - Force, Split, Chasm, Fault, Erupt, Twist, Fold, Fold, Stress, etc. Each of these processes are familiar terms in the science of geology, they are natural phenomenon but can also be relative to the physical processes applied to clay.
  3. MATERIAL - Clay, Inclusions, Cement, Glaze, Organics, Fillers

To move forward I need to experiment with materials and process. I also need to research other artists and processes to development my own knowledge in this area.

The images below are from my first Pecha Kucha

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