I did more reading about Merleau-Ponty this week, the texts are qute dense but i did manage to understand that Ponty critiques to dualist positions of Descartes, he was influenced by Husserl and argues that the significance of the body was underestimated by philosophical traditions. Phenomenology of Perception was his major work. Ponty criticises current philosophical approached and the solutions they offer, he is critical of rationalist, Cartesian accounts of humanity, as well as the more empirical and behaviouristic attempts to designate the human condition. Ponty does not sever the body-self relationship, argues of the self that in order to exist you need a body and a brain that gives us the essence. Phenomenology is concerned with primary and physical existence. The body and its perceptions are how we understand our existence. Perception starts the moment when the external comes into contact with the body.

Went to Research and Ideas Seminar by John Counsell, interesting listening to his journey and career in Architecture and PDP. I didn’t feel I learned much from this session but interesting to hear a personal journey of someone who was designing and practicing architect before computers. I had already know that environment is an important factor in learning and is related to learning styles. Made me think back to selecting colours for classrooms whilst working in education and also the layouts of classrooms and physical environments of the buildings; sick building syndrome. Economics over design etc. Good to learn about the Welsh Institute for Research in Art and Design

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