Great to have Jeff Jones talk on Visual Methodologies by Gillian Rose a book I have enjoyed reading, Rose states that not all approaches are suitable to all works, her approach is method led, however Jones argues that certain approaches are material led. We did an interesting exercise looking at methods Rose describes aspect or modalities of Technological, Compositional and Social to three Sites of interpretation of images including, Production, Image and Audience e.g. Selecting medium whereby Site of production is important e.g. Ceramics, Image with Painting and Audience with Adverts.

The group had an interesting discussion regrading artists having intention and that very few artists have intention when they create work and that in interpreting artworks we use tools available such as those approaches in Rose’s book.

During the session we looked at Pollock’s Frieze painting and selected compositional analysis as an appropriate approach to interpretation. What can we use, colour, layers, size, ratio, marks, strokes but that is all, it is a Formalist approach. On further reading regarding Greenberg’s relationship and writings on Pollack I found that Greenberg advocated that Pollock was the greatest painter the US ever produced. Greenberg argues modernism stripped back painting to a philosophical core of truth to reveal what a painting truly is. Thus not a painting depicting  Bourgeois ideas and fantasies. Pollock would often use a figurative device, numbers and letters as a starting point buried beneath layers of paint and only revealed by X-Ray.

The research and ideas lecture was very disappointing this week, I felt it was unprepared and Fiaz had probably been asked to step in to cover. It was a personal story with may anecdotes but no supporting images or discussion which meant it was very tiresome. I could have read this on a sheet of paper should I felt the need. I learned nothing apart from the fact that as students we were being encouraged to apply for Phd's.

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