Enjoyed a very interesting lecture by Jeff Jones on Pollack and Greenberg this week. I personally gained a lot from this lecture especially in relation to a move towards modernism from the realistic representations of narrative in earlier works of art. The modernist and Greenberg considered it only their role as painters or artists to paint and use paint and the picture plane. They did not want to use imagery to tell stories or reinforce the Bourgeois ideas or politics of the time.

I did not know that Pollock’s work was toured by the CIA as an example of the free democratic new world of America during the cold war as a from of propaganda. As a group we also had an interesting discussion on Ethics, a complex and ever present consideration in the art world. The increasing numbers of legal cases regarding ethics is one to heed. Many famous very successful artists have succumbed to substantial fines relating to Ethical issues. A note to self here to check with the Ethics committee if I were to be unsure of correct ethical approaches

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