During my last tutorial with Pete we had an interesting discussion about forms, changing forms, familiarity of forms, addition and subtraction. He advised to look at the work of Dawn Youll which I subsequently researched. Her work is interesting, she uses familiarity and signifiers in her work. The juxtaposition of signifiers together create an interesting language and in some ways relate to my work, a slight teasing of the audience into interpreting the form and language.

Had my last tutorial with Mahnaz which left me feeling very positive about positioning my context. During an earlier presentation Mahnaz had difficulty understanding the context of my work and why I was researching artists referencing mortality. I have throughout my life living with a chronic illness often ‘hidden away’ sometimes necessarily due to the Stigma associated with the disease, obviously my experience and once terminal diagnoses in my life has had a dramatic impact of me, it is in my physical and psychological makeup. It is part of me and inevitably will be part of my practice. As I keep working on my MA I keep making links to some profound events in my life.

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