Researching Others - Richard Deacon

Richard Deacon (born 1945-) won the Turner Prize in 1987 and fabricates sculptural works out of wood, metal, clay etc on bot a small and large scale. His practice is very much concerned about pushing the materials. This relates to an earlier conversation I had with Pete about mastering the material and pushing the boundaries and relationships of power between creator and material. It is like a metaphorical expression of my own experience of being inhabited by a virus which at various points during my life has controlled me and visa versa, it is my own personal battle and very much relates to the physical content of my essay in research methods and some of the other artists i had written about including Paul Astbury, Phoebe Cummings Adrian Villar Rojas to name a few. Deacons work illustrates his mastering of the materials which he works with, he has pioneered fabrication methods. He is uninterested in philosophical concepts with his work being concerned with fabrication and materiality. Again like Youll his work has a sense of travel from the meaningful to the meaningless, familiar to unfamiliar, they have a sense of play. Its very important to Deacon in successful sculpture that the material is present.

'What I think gives the sculpture its drive or its potency is a tension between what you can see and what you can’t see, what you imagine, or you picture, or you construct, refer to or associate with—all of those things'

Deacon stated working with clay when he met Jacqueline Poncelet, he produced ceramic extrusions and experiments with filling hollow tubes with clay. I like Deacons work, I like the material challenges and triumphs of the creator. His work is very inspirational.



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