Formative Assessment of Studio Project 1

I had my formative assessment this week with Pete and Mahnaz for Studio Project 1 which I felt went ok. I was good preparing the slides for this as it made me think about the changes in my context from something quote abstract and scientific like geometry of crystallographic structures and geological process to something much more personal and experiential to do with health, being and my existence.

Mahnaz made a constructive critical point about my forms which she referred to as rigid. I was aware of this and had already begun constructing some forms that can be more representative of ‘self’. I did a draft statement of intent for the end of the presentation  which outline an intention to create a visual language that explores mine or others experiences of disruptive events but also keeping elements of some of my influences like Youll, Cragg, Nagle who play with familiarity of form. An extract of my statement is below.

After reading about Sophie Calle’s Biennale work ‘Take Care of Yourself’ I began to reflect on my own experience in relation to my personal terminal diagnosis, what and how that changed my life and my relationships with others.

I intend like explore this disruptive event (possibly others) and develop a metaphorical visual language with particular reference to Heidegger’s essay ‘Being and Time’. I am particularly interested in Heidegger’s reference to  ‘Throwness’ on ‘Dasein’ and subsequent events including anxiety, mood, authenticity and familiarity.

My research to date has included the practice of those artists exploring metaphysical concepts by producing temporal works like Cummings and Astbury but also those artists who play with and subvert recognisable forms like Slee, Youll, Cragg and Nagle. Both temporality and subversion/disruption have been influential in my own studio practice to date.

I need to experiment and develop forming methods, material experimentation and firing techniques alongside refining my ‘Statement of Intent’ by gaining a further understanding of ‘Being and Time’ and ‘The Origin of the Work of Art’.

I have also been reading this week a book called Heidegger Reframed by Barbara Bolt, its a great book and a gentle introduction to some of the key concepts in the context of art. Its where I got my Sophie Calle example from. I wish there was some philosophy on the course that isn’t part of the MPhil. It is tricky dropping into a seminar with the MPhil group, they have already had an series of seminars which are difficult to attend with other workshops inductions etc for those of us on practical courses. I am going to ask if it is possible to have a few lectures on Marleau Ponty and perhaps Heidegger as part of our session with Mahnaz.

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