Formative Assessment Feedback and Progress

I had my formative assessment feedback today. I felt was a fair assessment and key constructive feedback included the following

  • Developments in practical outcomes will direct further theoretical engagement.
  • Alternative modes of visual research (creative strategies) can give insight to a developing reflective approach.
  • A clearer strategy of making will become more evident evolving out of subjective and formal critiques of practical outcomes.
  • Engage with the emerging practical construct (format) that enable a less predictive articulation of what is now visible and not that which is imagined or prescribed
  • Encounter outcomes that are 'made' and those that are outcomes of 'firings.'

Actions for me as a result of this feedback include

  • Different creative approaches to come up with form/design/constructions
  • Keep making following routes that are not predictive
  • Firings and material adjustments to extrusions and forms

Some of the points mentioned i had already started to explore by extruding and simply joining and cutting, there was a random element to this winding structure that evolved as a result. I had thought about earlier discussions about consuming forms and emerging forms and its positioning with past, present and future. The car protruding from the pyroclastic flow re St Helens indicates the past by its present state.

Building on this I had created irregular cubes and shapes with slabs and attached extruded sections, I did this with no drawing but using the clay as my drawing instrument. I was pleased with the results, it definitely added animated elements of time and process to the forms. I will need to fire and play with the materials here to introduce the less predictive results Pete suggested. I have included a selection of all things made over the last couple of weeks to demonstrated this progress and how it introduce objects that are mush more that simply a construction but imply something more, what, how, when?

Reflections on making and constructing are summarised below

Figure 1 - Stoneware sledged forms, whilst creating a visually curious effect of the mobious strip and being technically challenging they are a little lifeless, they imply changing form when paired and demonstrate control, they are predictable in their outcomes.

Figure 2 - An extruded earthenware form from a lasercut die, the intricate details makes the form interesting and its writhing nature makes it more curious. The cracking surface is a quality exploiting the nature of the material.

Figure 3 - I like the decaying nature of the form that I had submerged in water, the slaking and evaporation leaves a disrupted edge on a uniform sledged form.

Figures 4 and 5 - Constructed by hand with no drawings, there is a level of unpredictability with these pieces the cutting and reassembling takes the direction of the extrusions off in different directions

Figure 6a-c - A selection of drawings done with Adobe Illustrator, they were drawn very quickly with solid forms occupying a space within or consuming extruded sections.

I find it difficult being in two days a week to have enough time to fully explore these unpredictable results. For me it is a question of doing, I have a tendency to want to predict result and be in control, it is a parallel to my own circumstances in life. Fear of the unknown and having to manage my health and business which has taken years to balance presents a natural aversion to letting go to see what happens.

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