I had been quite active in the studio over the past week, conscious I have to go to HK and NY later in the term I am trying to get ahead of myself  on the MA. Following feedback from my Formative Assessment I had really considered what Pete had said about non predictable and imaginable outcomes. I think this highlighted a gap for me in terms of my creative development, not having done a creative degree the notion of creating something without an image or perceived end is a little alien to my making process. I do however feel it is an area of weakness and understand why exploration of unpredictable or imagined outcomes is necessary. Having worked with many artists I see this process all the time, intention and outcome are often very different. Even looking at earlier work from the term I can see my practice and a language developing that is totally different from what I expected to make when starting the course. I had made a few joined extrduded forms ejecting and penetrating from a geometric shape, the idea was to crate a feeling of disruption of form and time. I also continued to explore extruding different lasercut shapes to see what effect they had when joining sections together.


I have started playing with cylindrical and extruded forms as noted in earlier posts, having constructed simple forms and starting to build I found it was quite time consuming so over the weekend I switched to a methods of 3d sketching using wooden dowel. It is quick to cut and quick to glue allowing a structure and form to develop quickly. I was an interesting excercise, the repetitive nature of cutting and angles and joining of pieces  gave rise the the form illustrated in the photographs below. It was an interesting process as the cuts were estimated and I wasnt sure of the overall structure, I had no idea what space it would fill, what directions pieces would be joined or what angle they would join at. I did try to tame it with estimates of direction but creating it was very much part of the unpredicted process. I enjoyed making the structure, it was quite liberating doing something with a material other than clay as it freed my mind to just make without questioning the possibilities and structural skills required to construct such a form in clay.

I had a tutorial with Pete and the object became the subject of the discussion. It was a challenging tutorial as Pete would pick my up on any of my preconceived ideas not necessarily because he didn't feel they were worth exploring but he suggested opening up the exploration of the form in many directions. It was almost too much information in one tutorial but a welcome challenge to me. Thoughts to take on from this tutorial are

  • Explore coding or sequencing from repetitive making, what happens when this is disrupted, changed or goes 'wrong'?
  • What and how can the form be changed to indicate signifiers or potential familiar forms?
  • How can to form be used to indicate temporality, past present or future?
  • What happens when exploring 'space' negative pr positive of with the constructed form
  • How can materials be used to explore any of the above?

It is definitely a lot to think about and again I am trying to make decisions on which to explore, with time being a limitation as always there is a lot to think and do here, although challenging I am enjoying these different ways of thinking and making.

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