Tutorial and Extended Essay Feedback

I gave a short presentation on my ideas for an extended essay yesterday. My focus was on Heidegger's 'Being Towards death'. I feel like I am beginning to understand this particular section of 'Being in Time' but am still struggling with the practical interpretations of authenticity. Mahnaz made valid points in relation to interpretations of death and mentioned other wider interpretations e.g. Psychological, Religious, Mental Death etc. so  I have started to collect together journals and books that look at themes of death, Vanitas, Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy  of Death and palliative care. Mahnaz also suggested looking at Madness in Civilisation. We also had a discussion about how my forms and studio work relate to theory which was also the subject of the tutorial later with both Pete and Mahnaz. The main critique of the piece of work I had made was that it did not show any disruption in material qualities or construction, it is quite geometric still and I had not really explored the construction method to illustrate this. I showed Pete and Mahnaz what I had been working on in terms of visual sketching with the laser cut pieces which used this modular construction method, we also discussed Rachael Whiteread's exploration of negative space in her practice, the inside, outside and part of. This is an interesting analogy which comes back to what I had been looking at before, the nature of my condition. Therefore I think I need to focus on construction more abstracted forms, starting with extrusions as my building blocks, exploring shapes and structures whilst doing this building whilst thinking about signifiers to build into the work. I did talk about the material properties I was trying to obtain from my earlier extrusions, trying to get a geological feel but how they were so unruly there was not way I could construct any form with them. Pete advised that I can always come back to material adjustments but to focus on the construction of form. After reflecting on this it did open up a series of possibilities regarding what I used to build, whether is be blobs off clay, press moulded bricks or small forms, extrusions etc. In fact it opened up a lot more material possibilities, press moulded shapes composed of different clays and bodies, Claudi Casanovas springs to mind.

I am off to Hong Kong for work tomorrow and then will be taking a holiday which will be a good time to do a little reading and reflect on where I am going. I am really finding now that my practice is informing my theory and theory informing practice. I feel like one informs the other the more I make and read.

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