Firing results and reflections

Taking the ideas of building forms from extruded clay by simply cutting and joining and building in signifiers into the contracted form I took a simple plaster mould from a bowl and started to build around the form. Initially I had attempted to build in a regular way but as the shape evolved it started to lose geometry and a sense of randomness was introduced, I exploited this quality and started to leave some doing incomplete with ‘missing’ sections. When reflecting on the resulting form I was pleased with the introduction of the irregular aspects and intend to research this by further building. It also posed many questions about build methods, density/direction of build, degrees of ‘completeness’ all of which would produce a forms that would be worth bulking and reflecting on.

I glazed this work with a 60% Mag Carb 40% High Alk Frit glaze, the resulting fired form was still quite architectural or had a sense of monument in its aesthetic  appearance but one that was in a state of decay with the glaze adding a biological feel. I built a second form but this time constructing it around a former I had handmade, one that was less regular and more organic. Whilst building this form I thought less about the result but more the process of cutting and joining. The result was one that was more organic in appearance but still had a sense of architectural structure, the square cross profile of the extrusions was limiting the joining so I decided to try the same process by extruding circular paperclay coils leaving them to dry with curves and performed the same exercise with which I gave rise to a more organic structure.