Whilst preparing fro my summative assessment i really struggled thinking about a statement of intent, I didn't feel comfortable setting a narrow contextual intention and therefore focused on a more general existentialist context of the shifting states of human experience. The following is the extract from my statement of intent....

“The cradle rocks above an abyss, and common sense tells us that our existence is but a brief crack of light between two eternities of darkness.” Vladimir Nabokov 1951

I intend to develop a visual language about life and death and the shifting states of human existence caused by disease, war, environment and natural disaster. Using clay and other materials I aim to create sculptural objects or experiential installations that capture these changing states and pose questions to the viewer about process, cause and effect, what might cease to exist and what might remain.

My starting point will be to take or create objects that signify human existence and then by constructing forms that occupy the space around them create a resultant sculptural form that contains a volumetric imprint of the object or reference to life.

By experimenting with a variety of construction methods, materials, volumetric scale and process I intend to explore the degree of familiarity between the original signifier and the resulting sculptural form in an attempt to illustrate the temporal nature of existence.

Actions to take forward

  • Explore construction techniques that will enable me to build forms occupying spaces around a form e.g. extruded, hand formed, units, fractals, densities, direction of build, volumetric comparisons
  • Trial glazes and clay/body additions that enable me to create a sense of temporality or changing states.
  • Investigate live processes of ‘live’ changing states, immersive experience, melting wax, live performance, slow decay, adding, subtracting, burning, film, photography
  • Consider presentation methods e.g. wall hanging, ceiling hanging, floor standing and viewpoints.

Its been a while since my last post, I have bisqued my work that I had started a while ago using terracotta paper-clay formed around a plaster former. It fired well and didn't crack in firing. The overall appearance was organic, and less regular that the other I made with square sections. The density of the coils was pretty regular throughout the form and the form within was only visible when viewed from the top or when wall mounted.

I embarked on another built form this time using grogged white earthenware using a composite form. I wanted to explore the possibility of abstracting the former from a regular to non regular composite shape and also extending the build of the form in only one predominant direction. I also used the same building method of joining coils but this time changing the lengths and densities throughout out giving rise to a more organic irregular form. The shape of the form within is unrecognisable in the resultant built structure built around it.

When viewing the two pieces I wanted to explore the presence of the former in the final piece. The two pieces that I had made using these coils had more or less disguised or lost the shape of the former so I thought I would try building around a fragmented form. I used a mould of a rubber bone to create a small clay model which I partly deconstructed and then started to build on the pieces like pins on a broken leg.