Focus on Process

To start documenting my process I borrowed a camcorder and started to record myself doing activities like extruding, mixing clay slip with oxide and grinding with Pestle and Mortar. I have never really produced films using Adobe Premiere but nonetheless gave it a go. Using the camcorder and Premiere I produced a series of short video clips which document process. It raised questions for me about how to film, what to edit and what to include, what does it communicate. I started reading  journals and books regarding documenting process, its history, purpose, what and how it is edited and put in the public realm. Imaging/Imagining Craftwork by Geoffrey Gowlland and other writings by Sophie Ann Lehmann's Hiding Making - Showing Creation plus the writings of John Dewey and Richard Sennett who discuss the process in the making of the artefact or craft object. I have included a few of the videos here,  I am thinking of including them in my final show as process is very important to me, the act of doing, touching the material of clay and the tools. I used slow motion to enable the viewer to focus on the process and the way the material behaves.

In the studio I have been building around forms and occupying space using different making techniques including plaster formers and clay objects as a starting point. I decided to try building a really dense form and take density of form to the extreme so I extruded some porcelain and started building a solid block of porcelain joined by coloured slip. I want the making process to show in the work, exploiting the viscous nature of clay slip and the process of joining extruded clay sections together. I then used a reduction method to take part of the form away using CNC milling. I was pleasantly surprised by the resultant form. The cutting gave rise to some really interesting cut sections, with a juxtaposition between the machine milled and handmade block. I was pleased with the object i felt it demonstrated process both old and new and thought about taking the idea further.


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