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Had a good tutorial with Claire last week, looking at my recent work to date. We discussed the films I had made that were process based and the fine lines between the type of videos that are presented as art pieces like Richard Serra’s ‘Catching Lead’ and those that are instructional like the type of educational video found on youtube etc. I had slowed the video down and edited the colour, took the tools out of the studio and put the sound through filters which changed the context.

We also discussed the new fired work I had made including both extruded porcelain pieces joined together with coloured slips and the more earthly lumps of clay that i took from the gorged terracotta  and white gorged earthenware slops bucket, both were then CNC milled with digital models I created in Fusion 360. Reflecting on the appearance of both styles of work presented a few questions about quality and language of the resulting works. My route to creating these pieces is based in the material and processes I am investigating. I am not sure of the narrative but it still sits in the past present futures analysis. Raising questions about cause and effect, geological process’s and human impact on the land. Looking at them again they are not dissimilar form the forms of Ron Nagle’s work, miniature landscapes. I discussed the fact that I didn’t really have a narrative for the work and that I felt I was forcing a narrative instead of letting it evolve from the material and press based investigations. I really feel like the material and process is informing the work and my investigations into it are shaped by my interested in the earth and geology. Claire preferred the less engineered pieces those form the slopes bucket. I agree with her that the more organic broken forms picked from the bucket produce something more natural in appearance and provide a greater contrasts between the digital cut forms imposed upon them. I decided to proceed with more investigations like adding gum arabic to glaze mixtures and chipping them into small chips when dried to wedge into a clay body which I will cut on the CNC mill later. I also researched Akiyama Yo’s process of heating the outside of clay forms and bending the form to reveal cracks on the surface which also presents a rocky geologic quality which I can mill .

During the digital process tollbooths are created that make interesting geometric line images, also an are I would like to investigate further in terms of presenting a body of work in the future not like the context of the video these images too could be screen printed, etched or presented smoothest that they are removed from technical process and into the context of gallery installation.

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