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I had shifted my practice a little in the last couple of weeks. I had previously tried creating socket joints to join parts together. I would create sockets with the CNC machine and then have very accurate fitting sockets  like the piece below. Although technically it work I am not sure if there is any visual benefits. It is interesting but takes such a level of accuracy I am not sure that I am using the materials or at least exploiting their inherent qualities. Photo 22-05-2017, 10 46 59

I still wanted to explore this building or joining idea to give me more options when composing. I can stack pieces or place them but I like the idea of joining. It is what happens when humans and geology collide and mix. Using the CNC machine I went back to excavating a square socket from a section of bone china that I had forced cracked on its surface. I then machined it and using a section of different coloured porcelain built a square sectioned coil that will fit into it. I placed the coil into the piece when dry just to see the results. I like the precariousness of the join not being tight and perfect. Claire mentioned rotating it and making it vertical which was a good idea as it gave it so much presence and height which was what I had been seeking.

I have started to sketch a lot more recent too with watercolour and pen and ink. The watercolour is helping me to think more about colour and composition and the ink the surfaces and shapes. I am really enjoying doing these little sketches. I travel a lot so having a small sketch book is great and I can work whilst away.