Changing Aspects and Coils

Continuing to make pieces for my show I started to group objects together and stack them. Only when doing this I realised that the slabs didn't sit well on selected objects used as 'feet' so I cut some pieces in pairs. Using thee pairs of 'feet' I stacked the works raising the plinths to place objects or arrangements of objects on top of. Seeing these compositions from a side profile elevated the objects which suggested a vista, raising the composition and viewing from the side increases the intrigue, these vertical compositions display traces on humans with their cuts, holes and protrusions but here is an absence and quietness present.

Using the coils that I had built to emerge or run through the solid forms and a block of fired bone china I arranged the coil to rest between the two blocks of bone china, it reminded me of a tool, a chisel that was used to fracture rock in a quarry. Extending this idea I used a couple of older moulds that I had CNC's from digital models to create press moulded stopper ends. These coiled forms added intrigue to the works, they were very difficult to make and I broke many in the process, adding a little bentonite to the extruded coils helped with plasticity and prevent cracking, although the vibrant colours were slightly dulled by the additions of bentonite. I also tried paper too but extruding these was problematic because of tearing.

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