Show prep and set up

Leading up to the show prep I decided to create a wall hanging composition with selective single works and a collective larger showpiece. I purchased some sheets of black valchromat and created some floating shelves. I didn't want the have any fixtures showing so tried hanging with as election of keyhole brackets but the screws required to attach them were too lang and I ruined a large shelf  with the wood pushing through on the front when the screw went into the work so I cut some cleats to hang the shelves, they looked great hanging just off the wall creating nice shadows around them floating about a centimetre off the wall. Once made I used Danish oil the oil the shelves but used a sub standard oil which was problematic and smeared when using fine sanding paper to finish. I had to completely strip back three pieces and re oil using really thin layers. I used shelves to create a balanced composition of shelves with a small cluster of little shelves with a larger shelf running horizontally and another pieces running vertically on the floor. I had placed it there leaning against the wall with the work on it and Claire pointed out how it effective it looked leaning against the wall. I decided to use this method as it fitted with the selected objects laced and stacked and leaning.

It took a very long time placing the objects and a lot of thought went into it, there are so many variables with all the selected work and colours I had available. The moral of this story is always have lots of work to play with. I tried to create a balance with colour, texture, coils and a sense of curiosity in the placement of objects.

The larger work on the shelf was a tricky one to compose and I am not sure If I got it just right, I wanted to have a lot of objects on this shelf, leaning toppling, resting propping stacking, like discovering a new vista, abandoned quarry, a scene left behind, the Mary Celeste of the Humans desire for resources.

The work together works well, they are like three-dimensional sculptural paintings.