What next

I am always itching to get back in the studio and see where my exploration with clay takes me. It has been a hard but extremely rewarding two years, I have learned digital technology, a lot about philosophy and art, speculative geology and about myself. There is an element of play that is lost in the process of prepping for a show based on a theoretical discourse and I am keen to get playing again, extending my ideas further and trying new things like ....

  • Using building and joining techniques to create whole pieces that appear as separates
  • Testing new clays bodies and glazing or surface colouring effects
  • Extending my ideas about 'quasi objects' and 'things'

I have managed to secure a space in BV studios in Bristol with two other ceramic artists, I am looking forward to making connections  and applying for competitions but more than all I am looking forward to continuing my relationship with clay and ceramics.