Scale and Colour

I have been busy in the studio the last couple of weeks experimenting with vitreous slips on both earthenware and porcelain. I bought myself a small compressor and airbrush too to try gradational blends. I had wanted to try working with an earthenware clay to build forms as it opens up more opportunities in terms of colours and glazing. It also allows me to scale up using a more affordable clay.

I has tested two vitreous slip recipes one on the porcelain which was successful at 1220-1240

Stoneware Vitreous Slip 1220
100g Powdered HF porcelain (Both Potters)
35g-45g Potash Feldspar (could use 45g too for more vitreous finish)
10% Stain

I also tested several recipe with varying amounts of borax frit and lead bisilicate frit with porcelain powder for white grogged earthenware. I eventually found a satisfactory recipe

Earthenware Vitreous Slip 1140
100g Powdered HF porcelain (Bath Potters)
50-60g Lead Bisilicate Frit (Used 50 but could use more as a little dry, 60g starts to create a gloss so 55g is a good average)
10% Stain

Besides testing and creating more experimental forms I have been taking photographs of my work and using photoshop to create photo collages of the work. I can use the software to create individual compositions and play with the scale between object i.e. make small objects bigger in comparison to others.

Dean Coates