Testing, Testing

I have been spending a lot of time in the studio of late. I have had a spray booth delivered to enable me to spray glazes in the studio and at the same time have been experimenting with scaling up my work. It has been a challenge as I have never really worked on a large scale and therefore has pushed my hand building limits but the practice is paying off and I am quite confident that I can build on a large scale with a pretty good level of accuracy. I have been doing this with earthenware and porcelain and working at both temperatures. I like the porcelain as a base colour for spraying vitreous slips onto but it becomes impractical on a larger scale and expensive. White earthenware is far more forgiving especially when it contains grog but it does need a good amount of glaze on to cover the the protruding grog when fired. 

I have done a test with orange vitreous slip and white crawl on porcelain, the results and recipe are listed below in the photographs.

At stoneware 1240C


Dean Coates